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9 March 2018 - 10 March 2018
Bruxelles, Belgium
DroneDays 2018 - Brokerage Event

3rd edition of DRONE-DAYS Brokerage Event

from the heart of Europe



  • 48 validated participants 
  • 136 validated collaboration profiles,
          among which 16 technical challenges from large accounts
  • 14 countries represented by participants

4 NEW REASONS to COME this year :


Civil and commercial use of drones (known as well as RPAS or UAV) has endless application’s domains, ranging from Transport to Inspection of Power Grids or Wind and Solar parks inspections, from Environment, agriculture, forestry to Inspection or  monitoring of plants, pipelines to Buildings and civil engineer works, from Security, emergency response, safety, humanitarian sector  /  Law enforcement / Public authorities to Architecture / Cinematography, photography, aerial imaging / Parcel delivery / Corporate-marketing promotion / Tourism / Sport / Healthcare

This year again, DroneDays Matchmaking event – in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network and the DroneDays Expo - will provide its participants with an amazing package of opportunities to develop business at international level !

Who should attend?

The brokerage event is open to any of the following players willing to set up collaborations with FOREIGN partners and  access NEW markets

  • Companies (whatever their size), 
  • Universities and research institutions, 
  • Government representatives, policy makers, first responders
  • Clusters, 
  • Investors (whatever the type), 
  • Insurance representatives, 
  • Lawyers

Why to participate in the matchmaking event:

  • Initiate cross-border contacts and long-lasting co-operations (clients/partners/end-users)
  • Pave the way to market penetration abroad
  • Benefit from qualitative collaboration profiles detailing cooperation offered or requested by each participant
  • Pave bridges among trans-national and cross-sectorial companies for mutual benefit (from drone sector to traditional domains, from defense to civil applications)
  • Grow your business via new organisation and business model innovations against more traditional ways of doing business.

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Closed since 2 March 2018
Bruxelles, Belgium
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Participants 46
Meetings 126
Austria 1
Belgium 22
Brazil 1
Czech Republic 2
France 2
Germany 3
Italy 9
Luxembourg 1
Netherlands 1
Poland 1
Portugal 1
Switzerland 2
Total 46
COMPANIES, Drone Service Provider, Self-employed drone player 22
DroneDays Exhibitor 13
Clusters 1
Universities / Research Centres 5
Public Authorities / Governments 3
Other 2
Total 46